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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jill and Jack

Jill and Jack

This is the story of two people unknown to each other, yet known. 
The young man writes whatever the young woman sees though they have no contact with each other. Both have a strong urge to meet each other, and when they do in strange circumstances, they instantly fall in love. Now their life's only ambition is to share their curiously common characteristics. 
In their strong desire for each other, certain doors shut, while some others open.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love and Life in a Changing City

Love and Life in a Changing City: Love between a teacher and a student, with various different yet mysterious and eerie dreams that both see separately but with one common connection in each dream.
Sometimes connecting each other through mind location, each connection leads them closer to their quest for their own identity, but not before they view the needs and wants of people of a developing city driving these people into a bizarre world of love, sex and perversion, and after which the pair of lovers come face to face to a shocking revelation of their own identity.

This book is edited and ready, and is awaiting representation.

Fore and Hind Sleep

Fore and Hind Sleep: A woman who sleepwalks into people's future, and fragments of their future add up to contribute to her life story of love for her female friend, dark family secrets, hard struggle in the day to day life, and in the midst of all these becoming successful in her life's dream. The story takes place in the backdrop of the Indo-Pak War of 1971.

This book, ready, edited and in complete form, is a literary fiction with dreams and magic reality thrown here and there.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Will You Say

What will you say
if i edit this world
remove its pains
fill it with gunpowder instead
resurrect Benjamin Moloise
from his 15-year old grave
and with his steel grit
make him explode the dynamite
and blow up the social injustice
from your land.

for oppression is a paper wall
that can be torn apart
and its effigy burnt by peacehunters...

what will you say
if i edit you,
remove your disloyalty,
fill you with gunpowder instead,
resurrect my high-nerved mind
and with my steel grit
explode the dynamite
and blow up the social injustice from your heart
even if you are a citizen
of this world,
my love,
my joy, my sorrow,
my man or woman, 
my son or daughter,
my father or mother,
my president or minister. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

New Celebration

Please do not come to visit me
i'm already tired of nightingales singing newsongs
i'm on the hunt for funeral birthdays
for moonbeams are romantic no more
they are as lethal as George Bush's smiles

leave them untouched
let them play their play-boy games
Rajneesh style

remain unspent
touched by the waters of a worn-out waterfall

dank your nails but not your toes
puncture your heart but not soul

let not Buddha come and disturb my pillow.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Remembrance of bygone days
have the smell of dusk-rain

the smell of sun-washed sea-waves

the summer sun that wept red
behind the tattered purple hills
of ageless sorrows
hidden in the voice of their roots
when I left my woman
and walked the streets
alone at twenty.
A helpless old man
lay sprawled beside the water-front
with twenty bullet holes in his body.

The spell-bound sky arched westwards
with cool early storm-clouds
somewhat like the day
clouds of protest gathered in my hair.

that was the day I came across I
and was christened protector of the weak
in his inn. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Award

I can only rest in sinful silence.
By this I mean silence in the midst of sound,
because all of us were born in sound-silence.
The movement we created in our mother’s womb did create some sound,
and like a star orbiting in space which creates sound,
we too created our first and most meaningful music in our mother’s womb.

So, friends, do not undermine yourself, as you are no less a Beethoven
than he himself.
The organized movement of your mother – her heartbeat, her blood circulation,
her thoughts,
was an orchestra to help you create your best soulful music.
And when your mother held her new-born baby
in her arms, her smile was the best award you could have got.