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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You know I only realized the other day that even for marketing, an author has to have patience. My book, Love and Life in a Changing City, though it got published last month June 20120 year, it has yet to hit the stands. It will be out in all the stores of Crossword in Calcutta, possibly this week. I can't wait for its e-book format, but many of my trusted friends say I should hold on to this bug and release it not before 6 months have passed.
My publisher will send the details of the book to Flipkrt this week also.
Boy, how do I stop myself from biting my nails!!


  1. What I have realized over the years, patience as a virtue is not for the commons - and having said that once you endeavour it believe me the fruit wouldnt taste any tastier than it should be...Just hang on to it ... and you will be surprised -
    I am sorry, I know you have a lot of experience and you already know all this, but just thought would share how I feel about it

  2. Thanks Vikas. You know, all of us have a CHILD in us. and that child begins to throw tantrums. you have to give it a toy, and the toy at my age is to go to a coffee, alone, have coffee alone, observe people. Or write something. That's the way I'm promised of patience :)

  3. Vikas, you may red the synopsis, prologue & chpt 1 of my book posted in my blog...

  4. Well my idea of the toy is pulling a few strings on my has really helped me...
    What you are saying is correct that the Child in you never dies but subsides in the remotest corner owing to worldly pressure that we all go through.