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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love and Life in a Changing City

Love and Life in a Changing City: Love between a teacher and a student, with various different yet mysterious and eerie dreams that both see separately but with one common connection in each dream.
Sometimes connecting each other through mind location, each connection leads them closer to their quest for their own identity, but not before they view the needs and wants of people of a developing city driving these people into a bizarre world of love, sex and perversion, and after which the pair of lovers come face to face to a shocking revelation of their own identity.

This book is edited and ready, and is awaiting representation.

Fore and Hind Sleep

Fore and Hind Sleep: A woman who sleepwalks into people's future, and fragments of their future add up to contribute to her life story of love for her female friend, dark family secrets, hard struggle in the day to day life, and in the midst of all these becoming successful in her life's dream. The story takes place in the backdrop of the Indo-Pak War of 1971.

This book, ready, edited and in complete form, is a literary fiction with dreams and magic reality thrown here and there.