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Monday, October 13, 2014

Finding inspiration

Inspiration is a quite an interesting word. No, it's a character by itself. As writers, we are perpetually looking out for inspiration. But we don't allow it to consciously play in our minds. It comes from anywhere.
Look around you, soak yourself to all that's taking part in their own way.
I was walking down an avenue of trees. When my eyes fell ahead at the tops of trees arching themselves, the arch resembled the door of my mother's main door. My mother had recently passed away and an occasional sad thought had been rising in my mind. Witnessing the arch ahead, my mind raced to my mother's flat now empty, filled with silence. However, the arch of the bent heads of the trees made me suddenly feel that my mother is there. and if she's there, then she's everywhere. Yes, her spirit lives in all that I see around.
I had suddenly got the inspiration to the poem I was desiring to compose. I drew out the pen and the notebook and, leaning against the wall of a closed shop, composed the lines of the poem. Yes, I would read this poem in the forthcoming SAARC International SUFI Conference I was a delegate to. I have named the poem,
               Mama, Don't Take This Badge Off Me

Return of the author

It's been quite a long time since I last scribbled in my blog. A lot happened in these months. But the lesser important news is my romantic novel, Lost, came out in ebook form from Bangkok Books & the paperback from Art Publishing, Kolkata.
The story is based in Bangkok, a love story between an Indian youth & a Thai girl.
The book was launched in the Arts House,  Singapore this July by AP Writers and Translators.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

To write don't begin with writing novels, but begin with short stories. A few thoughts that come up can be jotted down in a notebook you carry. Remember to be human. So meet people, understand and feel their reactions. In brief, get involved.