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Friday, April 3, 2015

Twitter of a bird

Life is such a beautiful gift.  When we look around us we realise its invaluable gift.  Even to a simple pavement dweller life has given him a gift.  As a resident of India,  I have seen the simple things giving joy to others.
These pavement people seem to possess a certain charm in their lives. The other day I was strolling down the road next to my writing-cum-teaching room. An aged man was sitting at the end of the pavement. A bag lay next to him. And curled around his bag was a street dog. But wonder of wonders,  he was singing at the top of his voice. He had no care of the world. His voice rang true as a lark. He was singing the full-throated song in Bengali. I stopped short at the edge of the pavement and bought a cup of tea from the vendor to be the pavement singer's audience. Some pedestrians threw him a glance. But I was the audience who was enjoying. The artist didn’t look at the audience but remained submerged in his art.
This is what I'm trying to say. Enjoy what you do, and do it with passion as this pavement singer did. Forget everything around you. It's your life. Give it the best.  Live it the best way. And this can only happen when you love yourself. Because it is only then you can love others.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Body Talk

Hello guys
I simply couldn't stay without sharing this poem with you. Though this is only stanza 1,  the lines run with love.

Body of a rickshaw-puller

sweating gold through labour

moon-shine glisten of sweat streaming down

like prayed-for summer rain.

Chest heaving, mouth gasping

proud of the wrenched -out breath.

No one dares to call you a human quadruped, my brother

for my love has reached your heart

and in you I have discovered the language behind my lines.

Loving others is loving yourself

Hello Beautiful People, my previous blog said how you can capitalize by loving yourself and how to go about with this invaluable yet simple tool.Here I'll tell you more on this.

When you begin to love yourself, this feeling makes you be heard and seen by others. A time comes when we all desire to show others our work or our actions. 
This is the reason why many people do philanthropic work.
In your case, when you go out, you can throw a smile at the security man who has stayed awake guarding your building from negative forces. You can look at the shopkeeper who waits for customers to stop and buy some stationeries.

 The point is never say no to yourself because the world is beautiful.

Life is good.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Positive living

Hello you beautiful people.
Let me first wish you a very good morning. Then allow me to give you my first message, which is LOVE :)
Yes, Love. First love yourself, because by doing this you will create positive energy inside you. A feeling of well-being will gradually flow inside your beautiful body. Then very soon it will crawl into your mind and then fill your heart.
This is the first and foremost positive juice which detoxified the rishis and sages over the ages; and this will also detoxify you. Believe me, it's true.
This is what it does to me every morning, and it's this that embraces me and whispers, "Get up Bob. Time for another beautiful day."
I get up and start to continue writing the next pages of my new novel.
Isn't this a feeling of bliss? Isn't this finding heaven on earth?
Wait for my next note on positive energy from everyday life's little stories on the go.
Love you all :)