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Sunday, September 23, 2012

  Hi there, everyone!
  I am I am.
  And when I say those two words I mean another step has been taken by me. Yes you got it right. The e-book version of LLCC is already out, and I'm thrilled to see one review already sitting close to it.
   Now let me share something with you. Of late I've been pondering a lot on introducing some more relevancy into Jill and Jack, the sequel to LLCC. JJ is all set and ready to sail in the e-book ship; however, I just woke up my mind to the face that something more can be added to make the life of Jill and Jack a bit more interesting.
   In the meantime, I will see you soon as JJ is calling me!
   Have a great day:)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


   You might be wondering where I had vanished all these days. Nowhere. I recently had a book launch done in Crossword, Elgin Road, one of the finest book stores of the city. The actor and director, Arindam Sil was the Chief Guest and Richa Sharma, Mrs. India International 2011-2012 the Guest of Honour.
   Well, the sale graph of Love and Life in a Changing City has been slowly and steadily rising, thanks to my fans. And now, the book is getting ready for an e-book format. Moreover, you should watch out for Jill and Jack the sequel to LLCC. It has already been ready but I want to first get it out in the e-book format. It falls under a mixed genre of literary fiction, paranormal, horror.
   It's about to be published soon.
   Till then, happy waiting!!